Building Relationships through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company

Building Relationships through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company

Building Relationships through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company From 2008 to 2018, we have seen a surging difference in the way retail industries have structured. The improvement of online shopping or ecommerce that has expanded the customer choice, the proliferation of social media sites that has changed how people view and enquire about product details and the launch of smartphones which has paved way to unlimited information supply – all of these have transformed customer experience, consumer expectations and buyer-seller relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company plays a prominent role in demand and supply of the incessant customer needs and experience. Let’s see how.

Using Technology has Become Our Favourite Pastime…

Because of the shift in digital paradigm, today shopping is not just an act of buying the necessities; in fact it has become a passion or a prominent pastime. Studies reveal in the last 10 years spending growth on experiences like dining out, watching movies and travelling has out numbered retail growth averages by several percentage.

This reflects on one crucial realization that every service or product oriented company should make a note of – today consumers are looking for not just a product but an experience.

****In a 2016 survey of 60,000 18 to 25 years old people, shopping ranked #3 in the most popular past time (67%). While socializing with friends ranked #1 (77%) and listening to music ranked #2 (70%). But the surprising fact was shopping outplaced watching TV, reading book, clubbing and even going to the gym.

Here the ‘Experience’ does not refer to buying a new phone but the knowledge that the company will replace it if it breaks. It is not about dining out, but the ability to make sure you have that special couple corner booked with candle lights and soft music before you go.

Experience does not refer to the quality of products and services garnered but it truly denotes the value added services that come along with products.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development companyHaving said that…

We aren’t suggesting that high quality and high standard products aren’t important, they are indefinitely. But with the internet producing thousand options, the benchmark for high quality is higher than ever, so much so that businesses must seriously start to redefine what their product is and how they can launch it to cause maximum impact.

Today what the customers expect is an end to end experience of discovering, acquiring and using the product and services. So, what companies must design is an immense customer relationship or a customer touchpoint with the same level of passion and intention that they put into creating their products and services, because for a client CRM is equally important.

Problems did arise and retailers have had their share of casualties but a new generation of technology enabled business models have taken the industry forward. Today Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company is not a trend but the new reality of business.

There Were Two Types of Retailers in the Past…

The small local shops and the big corporate retailers; although the small shops often provided personalised experiences, the bigger corporates had wider options earlier. But as ecommerce grew and the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company expanded, it offered customers more options at lower prices. In 2006 what we saw the market cap of bigger companies was roughly $400 billion while Amazon was only $17.5 billion; in 2017 Amazon’s market cap surpassed the top 8 retailers put together.

What has been noticed that most of the companies today are redesigning their in-store experiences, trying to make it more customer-centric with added feel and personalisation by providing tailor made services.

From dining out being a social activity with friends to fitness class that bring the likeminded people in one single community to having a personal in-store tailoring guide for your fashion desires – these types of experiencesare more than just buying and selling products, in fact they build relationships and promote loyalty.

Here’s the difference – anyone can buy a tailor made website from a development company but not everyone has a digital marketing guy who will make sure the website reaches the right customer, produces the right traffic and causes the perfect impact. He will be your first call next time you need a web app.

Such experiences are a great start in building personal relationships with customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM development is complex system which has long made personalised experiences possible. However, customers expect companies to behave like people where they can have an ongoing relationship. They want continuous touch and not fragmented discussions with brands. Web applications, mobile applications and cloud based products have made sure demand and supply is balanced.

Unified data has largely enabled this evolution to take place. MS dynamic CRM software enables retailers to aggregate data across every customer touchpoint. Apart from the factor “allowing customers to engage anytime, on any device and from any part of the world”, CRM applications does something even more meaningful and elegant – offers continuity in relationship between client and brand.

Customer expectation shift like crazy. Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality such as smart apps, customised dressing rooms, try on products, apps that let customer see how the ultimate product would fit in, are already finding place in the market but the best is yet to come. When this technology will be more ubiquitous, it will give companies to offer better and more intimate experiences.

With the help pf Microsoft Dynamic CRM, retailers will stay ahead of the technology in order to build relationships that would be profitable for the businesses. Microsoft Dynamics provide businesses all types of power to transform from an ordinary store to experience giving brand. The solutions let retailers, companies and corporates to build amazing experiences such as empowering employees, optimising operations and transforming products and services.

Microsoft Dynamics has transformed from MR and AR to Intelligent Bots where technology is used to empower retailers and unlock amazing opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development company help partners meet today’s complex and evolving challenges and also pave the way for millennials that will help them reshape the way businesses are structured and redefine possibilities and expectations.


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